How it works

How BetZop Works

BetZop is a Peer to Peer Social Gaming Platform, it connects sports enthusiastic & sports lovers to compete with each other by placing tokens & predicting the winning side of a sports match before the game starts, this means either one of the players has to disagree with another players prediction and challenge him with tokens as a bet. 

The winning predictions will Win the tokens placed as a bet and can convert the BZT (tokens) into cash or vouchers gift cards

This game is not new in concept but we made it very interesting, as the name suggests the pre-match prediction games stands for the games that haven’t been started yet and predicting the winners, our platform connects users with such interest to play pre-match predicting games within the platform using tokens.

BZT is the term for our virtual currency that we use to trade and play within the betzop platform, users can buy tokens or earn tokens within the platform doing multiple chores and staying active in the platform.

We’ve partnered with multiple 3rd party websites where you can buy redeemable codes, which can be redeemed in users account via redeem coupon tab under my account section.

There are two ways as of today, first is voting the predict and win and the other is answering open questions in the discussions section you earn 1 token for each answer and 2 tokens for asking a sensible question.

And the easiest one is by winning games against others players

Note: we monitor and review all contents and anyone who posts non-compliance contents and post will be banned

Disclaimer: is only a peer to peer social gaming platform where users can personally bets with friends or family and members of the BetZop social gaming network for predicting the winner of the Match, we do not encourage and do not market our website as the betting site nor we are associated with any bookie and do not let do betting using real money, our platform supports our virtual currency knows as tokens which users can use to play sports prediction games one on one